Regular Season Rules, Playoffs & Post-Season:

Each Regular Season has varied in structure and setup thus far... 

  • Season 1 featured a double round-robin in both divisions; 10 games for Premier Teams & 6 games for Qualifier Teams
  • Season 2 featured a double round-robin in the Premier Division (12 games) and a triple round-robin in the Qualifier Division (12 games) because, of course, statistical parody in a fake league like this one is undoubtedly paramount.
  • Season 3 featured only one conference of ten teams with a double round-robin (18 games)
  • Season 4 featured only one conference of eleven teams in a double-round robin (20 games)
  • Season 5 featured only one conference of eleven teams in a double-round robin (20 games)
  • Season 6 featured three divisions of four teams each with 8 non-conference games and a triple-round robin against divisional foes (20 games).

Games follow MTG Vintage format rules. Each Team is given 20 life to start the game. The object is to decrease your opponents' life total to 0 or less by casting spells and creatures to battle the opponent, and win. Whichever Team decreases the opponents' life total to zero or less first, wins! There is no restriction to the number of turns one may take in order to win a game. 

In The League, Teams receive home field advantage equally throughout the season, which enables them first draw in a given game. Season 1 did not specify deck-size restrictions. Season 2 and beyond will require a minimum of 60-cards per deck for any team to ensure parity across teams.


Regular season awards are will be handed out at the close of each season. Check out each type of award HERE.

Playoffs feature the same in-game rules as in the regular season. Once the Playoffs have started, Teams are no longer allowed any player transactions. A mandatory card count may be conducted before the playoffs commences. Here is a look at the Playoff format x Season:

  • Season 1 featured single-elimination in each round.
  • Seasons 2 featured a Best of 3 games series in each round.
  • Season 3 featured a Best of 3 games series in each round. 
  • Season 4 featured a broader format with a Qualifier Bracket and a Premier Bracket.
    • The Qualifier showcased a battle of the bottom four teams to win the 8-seed in the Premier Bracket. Each of the two rounds were Best of 3.
    • The Premier Bracket featured the Top-7 seeds plus the winner of the Qualifier. The first round of the Premier Bracket was a Best of 5, then the Semifinals and Finals were a Best of 7. 
  • Season 5 featured the same format as Season 4.

In select seasons, the last-place finisher(s) may not qualify for the playoffs as a penalty for sucking so badly. 

Depending on numbers, a first-round bye may awarded to the team(s) with the best regular season record(s). Tiebreakers are decided by regular season series, and then total point differential in that respective series. If still a tie, then record against the next best teams will determine leader. 

In the Post-Season, a regular season recap will be written for each Team so Jenny can review the nonsensical details of what transpired, no matter how trivial. Statistical insights, as well as any personnel issues, may be addressed as well, and why not?! Jenny and I are always looking for more bed-time topics.