In early 2015, my then-fiancée (and now-wife :), Jen, and I had recently moved to a new city - Jersey City. Our social life was as rowdy as a senior citizens home after a hefty meal. Fortunately, we don't mind one another. In fact, we couldn't have been happier with our self-inflicted dual-confinement. Yet, we both yearned for more from our new surroundings. Alas, an old-new hobby rose from the ashes of our staring contests like a phoenix.

Years ago, when my brother and I were kids, we played a card game called Magic: The Gathering, or MTG for short. MTG is a strategy game by which players pretend to be a wizard dueling against another wizard. In so doing, each wizard crafts a deck of cards/spells to battle opposing wizards, the goal being to lower the opponents' 'life total' from 20 to 0 (or less) - HERE's the Wiki. 

Buying card-packs and stocking my highlighter-yellow binder with "dragon" cards became my surest hobby. Saturdays at Game Masters was the jam. Oh, and my record against the competition? Hindsight bias has me with at least...1 or 2 wins all-time. A fierce competitor. 

MTG has evolved for the past 20 years, though I haven't paid attention for the last 19 of them. It's normally a multi-player game requiring at least two people, but in tough, socially isolated times in Jersey City, norms were cast aside in favor of a more practical opponent; myself.  

The goal was simple; build several decks each with their own specific, unique identity and set objective. Find cards to support those identities, then stage a double-Round Robin tournament with playoffs, while tracking a few statistics along the way. By the end of each season, we have our winner, and our many losers. For the Winner, often no changes are made to the deck identity and/or construct. For the Losers, however, a review of each loss is conducted for any trends of weakness, and, then, changes to increase deck competitiveness are in store. Wash, rinse and repeat at the end of each season (if we get that far). And thanks to Tournament Scheduler for pumping out my round robin results :)


At this stage, we have one full season is in the, err, digital books and a victor crowned - an amazing development! Jen can barely contain her excitement at tales of havoc wrought by Shivan Dragons, fates turned by Goblin Grenades, and hopes cast asunder by a Cyclopean Tomb. In fact, with 200% growth in our fan base, the Commissioner (me) made the morally right decision to create this site so game results and analytics could be shared with all of three of our onlookers, and, let's face it, expand my sphere of social influence.