Regular Season Schedule & Outcomes, Qualifier Division:

Regular Season Schedule & Outcomes, Premier Division:

Match-Up Notes:

Round 9 - Fire Drilled vs. NLFY: HUGE game to decide the #1 seed. In the first match-up, F-Drilled suffered its' only loss of the season in what looked to be an anomalous game by going dry in the mana department. Could that have been NLFY's doing? Most definitely - there's a reason Black Vise won MVP that game. In the second match-up, Fire Drilled blasted NLFY, conserving lands and throwing big guns like game-MVP Balduvian Horde and Shivan Dragon (aka Sheflin) to pile-on. A last turn Fireball, in addition to the two 5/5s pushed NLFY into the depths for good, preserving the heralded #1-seed for Fire Drilled to finish S1 off nicely.

Round 9 - Crusade vs. B&B: Big game - set the stage for whether B&B can supplant Crusade for the #3 seed. B&B needs to win-out and beat Crusade by more than 27 points, and for Crusade to drop it's last match-up to #2-seed NLFY. Lot to ask for, right? Most definitely - Crusade used two Disenchant's to nullify B&Bs milling scheme. Naturally, it took Crusade 50% longer than usual to dispose of an opponent, sending out-of-control control-deck B&B closer to taking home the Premier Demotion Award at the seasons' end.

Round 10 - Sliver Lining vs. B&B: After losing to Crusade in the previous round, B&B finds itself battling to remain in the Premier Division. B&B won the first match-up by 17 points so Sliver needs a convincing win here to keep their hopes alive of remaining in the Premier League. Either turns later, which is mighty fast for B&B (avg. 15-tpg in Wins), a Healm of Obedience wiped out fellow Sliver brethren, then stole a Muscle Sliver to pump it's Clone-Sliver and Control Magic-Sliver to seal the goodnight kiss. It was over from there, with Slivers headed to a surefire demotion to the Qualifier Division next season.

Round 10 - Crusade vs. NLFY: NLFY has the #2-seed pretty much sealed off from Crusade barring an utter collapse in the final match-up of the season. Crusade will likely need a DingaGeddonOrb combo to surpass the previous win margin of 22 points. Unlikely, but possible? Nope, but here's what happened. NLFY was up 16-1 when Crusade threw Shahrazad into play, starting a sub-game that took its' own 15 turns before Crusade won (20 vs -4), halving NLFYs life total down to 8. Wasn't enough though, as Crusade was demolished the first turn back in the main game. NLFY wins the #2 seed.

Round 10 - Darwin's Doom vs. Fire Drilled: After going 2-1 in its' last 3 games, Darwin enters this last regular season match-up with Fire Drilled determined to remain in the Premier Division. Given the earlier loss by the Slivers to B&B, Darwin needs a W to stay alive. If they lose, they also drop the tiebreaker to Sliver Lining and will head to the Qualifier in Season 2. The very fact that Darwin is still alive at this point, partly due to mid-season roster changes, is a miracle given their 0-6 start. Fire Drilled, on the other hand, wants to seal a 1-Loss season with a victory here, and positive momentum entering the playoffs. Very quickly into the game, however, Darwin's recently signed free agent - Fallow Wurm - forced Fire Drilled into throwing an ill-timed Furnace of Rath into play. The move ended up shifting the entire game in favor for Darwin over the next few turns, as Darwin summoned several creatures and F-Drilled sputtered. Alas, Darwin is spared!!