Rookie squads - Big Gloves, The Anti-Dopes, Team 11 & the Glop Artists - look tough as nails. The Originals whittle down to three teams (NLFY, Sliver Lining & Darwin) after one former great is forced to rebrand (Helloooo, Dark N Stormy). Big bruisers like Smashed Potatoes, Swamp Things and Bad Ass Fault are locked and re-loaded. Icy Hot is back due to popular demand (?). The much anticipated Season 6 is upon us. Bring the rain.

REGULAR SEASON -- playoffs -- post-season recap


Count it, 1-2-3-4-5 new teams join the fray and get collectively skewered. Bad Ass Fault continues their dominance. Sliver Lining and No Lands For You sharpen their dulling blades. Fire Drilled removes the blind-fold. Darwin loses their shirt and the Things get feisty. It's allllll here.

REGULAR SEASON -- playoffs -- post-season recap


A hearty "Welcome back!" to former-underdog Team 10. A bittersweet "So long" to El Kamino gave way to a new bruiser; Bad Ass Fault. The Doldrums significantly revamp their roster for an equally disastrous season. The Swamp Things find their way. Fire Drilled sputtered into an incomprehensible tailspin, and multiple teams forced into rebrand. Season 4 guaranteed to be more competitive for each team, more fun for each fan and definitely more time consuming for each Commish. 


Season 3

Two highly anticipated entrants into the league (El Kamino & The Doldrums) turn heads. Sliver Lining rises up from a 6-16 all-time record to take the #1-seed. And the likeliest of of unlikely Teams takes home the crown. The traditional two division format was ditched for one bruising mosh pit of 10 teams in a double-round robin, and the carnage did not disappoint. 

REGULAR SEASON -- playoffs -- post-season recap


Newcomer Team 10 nearly snags the #1-seed. A Season 1-stalwart turns into a punching bag. All but one team fighting for their playoff lives entering Week 12. 'Ups and downs' don't quite do this one justice.

regular season -- playoffs -- post-season recap

Season 1

The very first double round-robin tournament of the League! Teams in each Division were randomly selected, with 6 in Premier and the remaining 4 in Qualifier. Wasn't sure what to expect, though as I'm sure you've guessed, it was riveting.