Playoff Bracket & Results:

Playoff Match-Up Data:

Match-Up Notes:

NLFY vs. Darwin: LFY drew only a single land-kill card in ten turns, which is unusual. Nonetheless, they had enough defense with two Royal Assassin's on the board to handle Darwin's slower-than-normal build-up. A Nightmare and Drain Life eventually closed the door on Darwin after Black Vise did most of the grunt work. No creature kill hurts Darwin, again.

Crusade vs. Black & Blueses: Crusade marched out land after land after land, enabling them to throw Serra & Arch Angels into play rather quickly. B&B had no mana, and subsequently, no chance w/o mana. Fair to say a no-contest for Crusade completing a 3-0 sweep against B&B in all of Season 1\

Demonic Hordes, MVP of the Finale

Fire Drilled vs. Sliver Lining: Fire Drilled's Mana Flare enabled the quick disposal of the fast-attacking slivers, who had an early lead. Then, a timely Ball Lightning, with FoR/Shivan/Disintegrate to follow, took the legs out from under Slivers as 24 damage rained down upon them in what would be their final turn..

NLFY vs. Crusade: True to form, NLFY took care of business in twelve turns as Worms of the Earth ripped the floor out from under Crusade.

Fired Drilled vs. NLFY: NLFY came out strong, putting away any mana that Fire Drilled had with three mana-kill cards. A few turns later, hey took the lead for good when Nightmare and Demonic Hordes entered the game without issue due to the early stifling of Fire Drilled's mana.