Playoff Bracket & Results:

**Fire Drilled takes home the crown handily in finale against Darwin.

Playoff Match-Up Data:

ROUND 1-GAME 2 --NLFY vs B&B: NFLY needed help early. A turn-2 Demonic Tutor brought up a Black Vise, thinking that if mana woes continued, then at least they'd be dealing damage with the Vise - good theorizing. A turn-2 Mind Twist with Dark Ritual for B&B then discarded the Vise, along with NLFYs own Dark Ritual, which changed the game for good in B&Bs favor. Goodbye NLFY!

ROUND 2-GAME 1 -- Fire Drilled vs. Team 10: Four turns in, Fire Drilled had 12 mana thanks to the two Mana Flare's in play. A 13-point damage round then took out Team 10s legs in only their fourth turn. Team 10 was ablaze by FDs fifth turn. How in the name of anything do you stop that?

ROUND 2-GAME 2 -- Team 10 vs Fire Drilled: For the first time ever in the League, a game has ended in a draw. We're not setup to accommodate the statistical implications of the draw, so all stats from this game will be nullified! A turn-7 Hurricane summoned by Team 10 ended the game. There was a Furnace of Rath on the board, and both teams were at 8 life. Fearing Fire Drilled would use one of its 11 life-kill cards to end the series, Team 10 decided to go for the draw versus risking the loss. Little did they know (well I did know but that's besides the point), FD was equipped with two such cards; 2x Fireball so a wise move indeed to stay alive for Game 3.

ROUND 2-GAME 3 -- Fire Drilled vs. Team 10: Fire Drilled beats Team 10 for the second time to close out the series, and in dramatic fashion - winning in 5-turns each game. Outrageous pace by the #1 seed. Team 10, or anyone else NOT slinging a counter deck for that matter, doesn't stand a chance when FD is en fuego like that.