Playoff Bracket & Results:

**Boss Fight fulfills their destiny as the one to beat, winning their first title over fellow-green team; Darwin's Doom.

Playoff Match-Up Data:

ROUND 1-GAME 1 --NLFY vs SWAMP THINGS: War of attrition game that went twice as long as the first game between the 1 and 8 seeds. NLFY has no way to dispose of black creatures unless one of their 2 Royal Assassin's are in play. Not a great strategy considering the unlikelihood of pulling those cards (03% chance). NLFY will really need a Black Vise early in the next game or else they're in serious trouble. Good first round draw for Swamp Things. 

ROUND 1-GAME 2 -- THRULL FROTTLE vs. SLIVER LINING: One of the best fought games in playoff history. The Thrulls had victory in their sights, needing one more turn before putting the dagger in the Sliver horde. On their next, and final turn, though, the #1-seeds' own Acidic Sliver enabled two quick sacrifices to put an end to their foe. A truly great fight by the Thrulls, losing by only 3-points - a slim of slim margins. That said, this game highlighted some some uncertainty in the Frottle game plan as well; i.e. do we battle with creatures or damage? 

ROUND 1-GAME 2 -- SWAMP THINGS vs NLFY: Big upset here. The Things took down the mighty #2 seed with only one creature - Carnophage - and really one land for much of the game. A total of five other lands are destroyed by NLFY, but, once Puppet Strings and a few Instill Energies were out, there was nothing NLFY's lone line of defense, a Royal Assassin, could do. An interesting reinforcement for Carnophage, who was nearly let-go mid-season.

ROUND 1-GAME 2 -- BOSS FIGHT vs. CRUSADE II: Wild game. Boss Fight had creatures forming left and right with a Verdant Force and Living Lands in play. The Crusaders did all they could to withstand the might of the mighty Boss, even gaining 18-life throughout the game. Somehow, they didn't have enough of that "DE-FENSE" we keep hearing about. Great game.

ROUND 1-GAME 3 -- CRUSADE II vs. BOSS FIGHTWow. Boss Fight shows up big in the elimination game with a whopping 23 points of damage on just the sixth turn. Channel comes up big in this game enabling a 4th turn Giant Adephage. One more big bug and a Phytotitan later, and Crusade II was left in shambles with an unexpected first round exit. Great win by the Boss.

ROUND 1-GAME 3 -- FIRE DRILLED vs. DARWIN'S DOOM: Huge victory for Darwin! They get vengeance on the team they lost to in the finals last season, and do so in dramatic fashion winning the elimination game by only 3-points. Both teams were mana-strapped, and as Darwin's identity states, they're fast. With a few Fyndhorn Elves and two forests, they manage to escape and advance to Round 2.

ROUND 2-GAME 1 -- SLIVER LINING vs. DARWIN'S DOOM: Wow. With 4 life left, Darwin does the impossible by drawing the ONE card that could have saved them; Hurricane. Looking back, there was a 4% chance of that happening. With Hurricane, they dispose of all six Slivers in play who were ready for the final take down. Darwin deals their remaining 11-damage via Ernham Djinn to win the game two turns later by only 4-points. What a coup by Darwin.

ROUND 2-GAME 2 -- SLIVER LINING vs. DARWIN'S DOOMDarwin with their second win against the Slivers, meaning their second upset of the playoffs, and this winning by only 5-points!! WHOA! The majesty of the Slivers Season 3 run has ended and by an unfathomably slim margin. What happened? The Slivers had only three lands in play, but five 2/2 creatures, to go to battle. Darwin slapped a Force of Nature down, a mid-season pickup, and followed with a Hurricane to destroy all Slivers, leaving the big man to clean up. Goodbye Slivers.

Living Death, critical in Swamp Things Round 2-Game 2 victory against Boss Fight.

Living Death, critical in Swamp Things Round 2-Game 2 victory against Boss Fight.

ROUND 2-GAME 2 -- SWAMP THINGS vs. BOSS FIGHT: After a shamockery in their first game where Boss Fight won by 32-points, the Swamp Things rally in Game 2. All things aside, the Swamp Things core vision finally came to life in this game - great to see. On their sixth turn, Swamp Things used a Hermit Druid to find another forest, while discarding three creatures into the graveyard. A Buried Alive brought three more creatures into their graveyard. Instill Energy was used to untap the Druid, and then block an 8/8 Hydra. The next turn, the tables turned against the monstrous-Boss Fight, and all creatures in the Things graveyard come to the battlefield while simultaneously destroying everything on the board for the Boss. They rained 21-points of damage on Boss Fight the next turn to end Game 2. Fantastic victory.

ROUND 2-GAME 3 -- BOSS FIGHT vs. SWAMP THINGS: Hard to engage in hand to hand combat in a Boss Fight. The Things looked to have the momentum early on, but couldn't capitalize on it, and are headed to the Bahamas as a result. Boss Fight slaps a shutout on the Things, and heads to their final showdown against Darwin. The Boss Fight Team in the final match-up of the season -- how did we not see this coming?

ROUND 3-GAME 3 -- DARWIN'S DOOM vs. BOSS FIGHT: Darwin wins Game 1 in six-swift-turns in a shutout. The Boss responds in Game 2, winning in a close one despite Darwin's mana troubles. In Game 3, true to form, the Boss wins the final showdown. No extra lives, no loading a previously saved game, nothing. Boss Fight wins the Season 3 championship as we tip our hats off to the previously described 'unfair' team. Annoyed? Yes, yes I am.